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Solar Generator
Information Super-Pack

The Ultimate "Solar Generator" Research Kit

   With electrical rates soaring and the power grid increasingly vulnerable, there's never been a better time to get information on getting off the grid. You made a good decision in wanting to learn more about what solar backup power options are currently available. And, at Solutions From Science, we're very excited to offer our new upgraded Solar Generator Information Super Pack for 2013 which also features our brand new HD quality video.

Your kit will be shipped within 24 hours and will contain the following:

  • DVD: Generate Free Electricity With Plug And Play Solar Power. Our new "killer" video is 37 minutes long and explains every aspect of our Solar Generator technology. Host Brian Brawdy and our own Solutions From Science electrical engineer Dave Fink explain how our Solar Generators work and make the scientific aspects easy to understand.  This is our brand new video which has just been released. It's professionally produced and HD quality.

  • CD #1: Why The Power Grid Will Fail: "End Of America" newsletter writer Porter Stansberry and Solar Storm expert John Kapenman talk with Bill Heid about the vulnerabilities of our power grid. Scary stuff.

  • CD #2: Hidden Dangers Of The Smart Grid: Activist Deevy Kidd takes you through her remarkable battle with the New World "Smart Grid" Order and exposes the dangers of having a smart meter installed on your home. This "blacklisted" information has been openly suppressed by the mainstream media, and definitely falls into the "must listen to" category.

  • CD #3: Solar Backup Radio Interviews: Gordon Liddy, Alex Jones, Pastor Butch Paugh and others talk about Solar Generators on their respective radio shows. Great radio interviews that provide helpful information on Solar Generators from a variety of shows and sources.

  • $100.00 Off Coupon. If you do decide to purchase one of our amazing Solar Generators in the next 30 days, you can use this special coupon to get $100.00 off the price everyone else has to pay.

  • $20.00 Gift Certificate: Good on any Solutions From Science product at our website: This is really our way of saying thanks for requesting the information kit.

  • Solar Generator Info Package: Huge amount (45 pages) of information on our Solar Generators that will answer any questions you may have on "plug and play" solar backup power. If you want to really dig in and "research" solar generators, this info pack will be your guide. Beautiful color glossy magalog format.

  • Black Out e-Report: The Top 11 Threats to The Power Grid.
    This is the e-report on the Power Grid that was featured on Fox News as well as radio stations all over the country. The report contains 32 pages of hard hitting research on the potential threats to the power grid with 44 investigative footnotes.

  • Blackout Audio Book: The audio version of the Blackout Report so you can listen in your car or on your computer.

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   Please Note: We don't charge anything for the information itself. But there is one catch and for that we apologize... well sort of. Here's the thing: We now ship our information packages out Priority Mail (with delivery confirmation) instead of the regular mail. We've been forced to do this because so many of our packages were not getting delivered. Get this: We actually started to call folks back who asked for information kits  and discovered that less than half were actually delivered!

   As I write this, I'm not sure if this is just sloppiness with regular mail and a result of the breakdown of the entire service or if in our case someone is just throwing our mail away on purpose. Frankly, I'm not sure what to make of this since our local Post Office is run by some pretty good folks. Oh well.

   Here's the catch: Even though the information is free, we kindly ask that you pay for the Priority Mail (which includes delivery confirmation) shipping and a small handling fee which comes to: $9.95. As you can see, we cover your package costs nicely with a $20.00 gift certificate from Solutions From Science as well as a $100.00 coupon if you do decide to purchase one of our Solar Generators.

One More Thing. It's Important!

   The important thing here is that this is a massive amount of information not only about the power grid vulnerabilities but what you can do to start to get off the grid and keep the lights on if the power goes out. Just click the "Get Solar Generator Information Super-Pack Now" button below and fill out the order form to get your package today. Or you can send a check or money order for $9.95 to:

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